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The french government’s arrogance is getting on Europe’s nerves. The pompous King Smurf becomes more and more unpopular, particularly in a tiny and distant country oddly called the Grand Duchy. Fortunately, the courageous Viviane R. is determined to put a definitive end to french tyranny. If only she could succeed.

vidéo : la Parisienne Libérée / Mimoso
regarder le clip sur vimeo et dailymotion

DOCUMENTATION (in progress)
>> Le Monde (15/09/2010)
>> European style (video) / French style (video)
>> Lancement de la procédure (vidéo trilingue – Viviane Reding – 29/09/2010)
>> à lire dans le Monde (01/10/2010) : la Commission européenne, la « petite » Luxembourgeoise et les « grands » Français

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paroles et musique : la parisienne libérée
(freely adapted from Offenbach)

Why don’t you speak french, like everybody
I don’t understand what you say of my country
Why don’t you speak french, and be more polite
Or I’ll *** and make you see what France is like

Enough is enough, you will regret it
I’m not threatening you I’m only being sarkastic
Enough is enough, you have gone too far
You seem to forget that France won the second world war

It is a disgrace, it is a diktat
Europe, Washington and the pope are breaking my heart
It is a disgrace, and a whole nation
Is crying with me in front of her television

Enough is enough, if you like the Roms
You should take them all and welcome them in your own homes
Enough is enough, you little country
Cause if you go on I will annex the Grand Duchy

Enough is enough, I’m Napoleon
Or maybe you’re right – his little hidden great grandson…
Enough is enough, Emperor of Europe
I now dissolve the commission and I depooooort…
The pope !

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